Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 5 Hot Spots of 2009

If I don't say so myself, I've featured a lot of great places in the area this past year, from new galleries and cafes to amazing new parks. These are my personal favorites.

#1 Walkable Westchester
Featured: May 24
Okay, it's actually a book, but this great guide leads to a huge number of hot spots—160 parks and preserves, with 600 miles of trails.

#2 Neo World Bistro and Sushi Bar 
Featured: August 3
When the New York Times gave this new restaurant in Mt. Kisco an "excellent" rating, I figured it was worth featuring—and eating at. And I'm glad I did.

#3 The Misshapened Bowl
Featured: January 7
Less a hot "spot" than a hot item, but I just love the amazingly beautiful bowls crafted from local reclaimed wood by Yorktown craftsman Charles Lazarus.

#4 Lot 84  
Featured: March 11
Feeling depressed by the new frugality, I enjoyed a visit to this Mt. Kisco store that is packed with gorgeous—and pricey—items for the home.

#5 Table Local Market 
Featured: April 20
This new market in Bedford Hills sells a large range of fresh produce from local farmers, "sustainably raised" meat and poultry, as well as cheeses, dairy products, and bread from local producers.

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