Monday, August 31, 2009

"Excellent" Global Fusion

If there is any type of restaurant that our area has too much of, it is Asian fusion. So I wasn't too thrilled when I heard about the new Neo World Bistro and Sushi Bar in Mt. Kisco. But the review in last week's New York Times gave me hope. The reviewer gave the new venture an "excellent" rating and said that the menu includes "outstanding" compilations such as a sushi tortilla, avocado sashimi tartare, and spicy sushi poppers. The offerings boast a large array of sushi and sashimi, as well as dishes spanning the globe. Located in what the Times called a "serene space" in town, this new addition to the local scene sounds worth checking out. Neo World Bistro and Sushi Bar
Image: The New York Times

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JD said...

We tried it and food was very good. Excellent sushi. The location is strange, but the restaurant itself is very cool and hip looking. I agree that we have plenty fusion places already. There are at least 5 right around Mount Kisco.