Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ain't We Lucky We Got Em

All in all, 2009 was a pretty rocky road. Fortunately, I live in an area where it's a little easier to forget about the stress and anxiety of the so-called real world. I took these photos over the past year in places in Northern Westchester where I had some truly good times. Here's wishing us all many more.


Foreclosure Listings said...

Ain't We Lucky We Got Em.... Great job by you.. i appreciate you work.. Thank you for sharing..

Anonymous said...

I read your blog a couple of times a week. I look forward to reading about the houses that are for sale and what you find interesting about them. I would love a house in northern Westchester, so I browse the real estate websites, but the reality is that I will not find what I am looking for. I find it relaxing to read your blog.

I'll tell you about houses that you have featured that I love.
the octogon house
the log cabin by the river
the Victorian in Peekskill
the bungalow
the yellow house

I tend to like small houses, older houses with character, contemporary houses that show off human imagination, and less expensive houses. It kills me when the taxes are high on a house, and I live in NYC so the taxes here are all under $6000. I don't get how a town can charge $26,000 in taxes and expect to keep a stable population; those prices each year are not sustainable, in my opinion.

My own dream is to find a piece of empty land with a view of hills or the Hudson, and to build a small house with some Japanese elements, including a bath. I look at land in Westchester and Putnam a lot and mostly dream.

Anyway, I love your site and wanted to let you know.

Happy New Year,


Northern Westchester Home said...

Thanks to both of you for the positive feedback. I'm glad you enjoy the site and find it useful and informative. I'll do my best to keep it coming in the new year!

mom2mom of northern westchester said...


Just wanted to stop by and say I read your blog at least once if not twice a week. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on all the happenings in our beautiful area! I run a local moms group (mom2mom of northern westchester) and I'm always checking out your site for fun family weekend events or places to go with the kids during the week.

Would love it if you featured us one day! I launched the group this past May and we already have 150 members who are local SAHM and working moms. We're a member-supported community organization and our website is: