Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Park Takes Shape

The new—and very well done—blog Peekskill Daily reports that the riverfront park, Peekskill Landing, will be completed and open in spring 2010. The 4.4 acre site is adjacent to the Riverfront Green Park and is jointly owned by Scenic Hudson and the city of Peekskill. According to Peekskill Daily, plans call for a shoreline walkway and a fishing pier. Sounds sweet. The park will also connect to the new Lincoln Plaza and Museum. Along wth the wonderful Croton Landing Park which was completed earlier this year, Peekskill Landing will add to the area's riverfront parkland.Image: City of Peekskill

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Anonymous said...

I was afraid this was going to be the site of another horrible condo development, like the one south of the train station. This park will be great!