Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Bistro and Caribbean Fare for Mt. Kisco

Recession or not, Mt. Kisco has been adding restaurants at a rapid rate in the last few months. In addtion to Neo World Bistro and Sushi Bar (which I did a post on a few weeks ago), one of the newest spots is FAB (French American Bistro). The eatery (left) garnered a "Good" rating in Sunday's New York Times for what the Times reporter called "a hit parade of familiar bistro dishes." Another new entry is Touch of Jamaica, which focuses on take-out but does have a few tables. The Caribbean dishes have gotten raves on the Chowhound forum, with some posters using adjectives such as "spectacular" and "perfect." The restaurant doesn't have a website, but it is located at 37 South Moger and the number is 914-864-0341. Image: The New York Times

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