Friday, June 5, 2009

Ships Ahoy!

Today marks the start of River Day—a week-long reenactment of Henry Hudson's trip up the river. A fleet of tall ships, along with some regular size ones, will set sail from New York harbor today and slowly make their way up to Albany. The flotilla will include the Onrust, the Clearwater (above, top left), the Woody Guthrie, the Half Moon (above, bottom), and the Mystic Whaler (above, top right). By Saturday at 5:00 pm the ships should be in Tarrytown for a cannon welcome. The Clearwater and Mystic Whaler will be docked at the Tarrytown Boat Club; the Woodie Guthrie and the Shearwater will be docked at the Hudson Harbor bulkhead. There will be more festivities and fireworks along the waterfront until 9:00 pm. On Sunday the fleet departs at 8:00 am and is scheduled to arrive in Croton and Ossining by 11:00 am for a midday celebration. Next, the ships will sail up to Newburgh and Beacon and then on to Albany. For more details and the fleet's itinerary, check the website. River Day

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