Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Village Vintage

Here's a sweetheart of a house in a nice area in Mt. Kisco, on a pleasant side street within easy walking distance of Main Street. Built in 1900, the 1,800 square foot home has 3 bedrooms and retains lovely original details like pocket doors and moldings. There's a killer front porch and the 0.29 of an acre lot has a nice looking yard. The "updated" kitchen is on the bland side and the exterior has aluminum siding. But the taxes are quite low at $6,727, and the asking price has just been reduced from $609,000. $579,000
Keller Williams Realty, Google Map, Live Search Map


Anonymous said...

Funny! We looked at this house 3 years ago when we were searching. Hmmm...I remember it sold very fast. We didn't like the bathroom (AT ALL) and the bedrooms were very tiny. The kitchen was blah and there was a boxed out pole on the wall where a table should go, making it only suitable for a very thin table. The driveway was also a con b/c it was semi-shared with the neighboor (one short road in and forks left and right).

Anonymous said...

I called about this house and it is now in contract.