Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Scream, U Scream

'Tis the season for cool and satisfying ice cream. Everyone in northern Westchester knows that the place to get the homemade delight is the Blue Pig in Croton. And the New York Times agrees, calling the ice cream an indulgence which is "really worth it." According to Sunday's Times, the Blue Pig creates it's scrumptious treats daily "on the premises in small batches, so it always tastes fresh." In addition to a variety of tasty flavors, the parlor serves up ice cream sandwiches, which the Times reviewer says "are not to be missed." While most everyone agrees on the quality of the Blue Pig's ice cream, it has recently been the subject of complaints on the Chowhound forum for having irregular hours. As one Chowhound poster said, "there are days when I need to satisfy my ice cream fix and then I get disappointed." The Blue Pig is located at 121 Maple Street, Croton.

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