Thursday, October 2, 2008

Village Life, Circa 1950

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I have a thing for 1950's homes. This specimen appears to have lost some of it's authentic panache, but it still retains a definite mid-century funk. The 2,300 square foot, 3 bedroom house was built in 1950 and features a renovated kitchen, open spaces, and lots of windows. While the landscaping strikes me as a tad overblown, the almost-an-acre lot has lots of outdoor living space. The house is located in one of my favorite areas in the village of Croton--the end of Cleveland Drive, which feels remote but is actually just steps from the library, schools, and pretty much everything else. On the con side, the house does have vinyl siding--not even aluminum, which would at least be authentiacally 50's. $759,000
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A. said...

Not my style, but it does look nice. I like the idea of feeling remote but being within walking distance.