Monday, August 18, 2008

A Lot of Art

An interesting array of objects has popped up on a large lot on the outskirts of Peekskill. The North County News reports that the city's latest spot to view creative works is the Art Lot. Created and run by Collaborative Concepts, the lot is next to the Hat Factory, one of Peekskill's oldest industrial buildings (and itself the site of a number of art events and installations). The inaugural show at the lot is “Art Lot Goes Green,” and many of the works are made from recycled trash. Joseph Kleinmann's “Pour White Trash” (right) features metal debris welded together. According to the North County News, many of the works are by Peekskill residents, including Kleinmann, Jo Ann Brody, Jody Carlson, Ludwig Dochterman, Michael Anthony Notiello, and Jim Ward. Exhibits at the Art Lot will change regularly. Given the fragility of many of its exhibits, the lot is fenced off. To arrange a closer look, contact the Peekskill Arts Council. The Art Lot is located north of town on North Division Street.
SOURCE: North County News: That's no scrap yard - that's the Art Lot
Image: Joseph Kleinmann with Pour White Trash; photo by Tony Seideman for the North County News

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