Monday, July 11, 2011

Walk About

Almost a decade after moving up yonder from Brooklyn and I still can't get over how wonderful it is to live surrounded by so much natural beauty. Best of all, lots of it is forever protected and open to all to enjoy. Come the warm weather, nothing beats a good hike into the woods, preferably along a babbling brook or perhaps ending up on a summit with a lookout. But finding all of our area's hidden gems can be tricky. The guidebook Walkable Westchester is perhaps the most comprehensive guide to the area's hiking spots. Another great resource is the Yorktown Land Trust's Yorktown Walk Book (right), which has detailed guides and maps to 20 of the town's public preserves. You can also discover the nine preserves of the Westchester Land Trust that are open to the public. My own list of Recreation links (in the sidebar) is another good way to find some of the area's best preserves and parks. Have fun, and enjoy the scenery! find

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