Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Transforming a Hot Property

Of the approximately 300 houses that I've featured on this blog, a few stick around in my imagination. I wonder what the buyers did with it? I wonder what changes I would have made? One house that I have often fantasized about fixing up was the cool but dilapidated 70's modern on Batten Road in Croton. Perched on the hillside with winter views of the Croton Dam and reservoir, the spot was great—and the house had wonderful potential. I first featured it in September, 2007 when it was asking $589,000, then again in February, 2008 (when the asking had dropped to $575,000). The house sold in March, 2008 for $520,000. Over the weekend I did a drive by and was thrilled to see that it has gone through an amazing transformation (which doesn't look quite done). Sporting a new second floor, great clerestory windows, and cool concrete siding, the new place looks worthy of it's location. Kudos to the owners for seeing the possibilities!


Anonymous said...

I remember that original post! It was when I first started looking up here. Would love to see a profile of the house's progress ala Apartment Therapy. I'm always so curious about the renovations in my neighboring houses as well. Curious too if they are DIYing or have an architect.

Northern Westchester Home said...

"Would love to see a profile of the house's progress ala Apartment Therapy."

And I would totally love to do that series! Its a great idea! I just need to find the owners and get them to agree...

Anyone out there doing a reno of an interesting house who would like to be profiled? Contact me!