Thursday, March 10, 2011

High and Huge

Year Built: 1987
Square Feet: 7,644
Bedrooms: 6
Property: 3 acres
Location: Croton, in the hills just north of the village, bordering the Hudson National Golf Course.
Best features: It's all about the setting, the space, and the views and openness. Located on a lovely, rocky hill high above the Hudson, the home has great vistas. There's lots of decking and patio from which to enjoy the outdoors, not to mention a pool. Inside, there's almost as much space as outside—over 7,000 square feet of big open rooms with walls of glass. The ash and maple kitchen is quite nice, and I love the free-standing fireplace.
Downside: Well, do you really want over 7,000 square feet of interior space? A ballet studio just seems like overkill. And while it's clearly been recently updated, the house still has a definite late 80's contempo feel.
Taxes: $45,355
Asking Price: $2,499,000

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Anonymous said...

The 1980s architect who designed the house must have been inspired by Flashdance?