Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Praise for Thyme's Open Kitchen

"The kitchen, at the far end of the intimate 48-seat room, has a low dividing wall, and the two noted chefs — Tom Costello, also the owner, and Neal Ferguson — spend most of their time facing the dining area. They look relaxed... That sense of comfort comes through in the food as well — even though much of what is being created is sophisticated fare."

The New York Times review of Thyme Restaurant in Yorktown Heights, which received a "Don't Miss" rating (the highest possible). Image: The New York Times


Anonymous said...

I am sure Tyme is an awesome restaurant. But what were they thinking putting it in that location next to a 24 hour gym. Also, the prices are way out of line for anything in the area. For that money, I am going to something in a nicer setting. Maybe the rent could not be beat.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the location--they could have found a much better spot in downtown Yorktown Heights. That strip of 202 is nasty. On the other hand, its no worse than the ugly strip of 117 outside of Mt Kisco, and that has some decent restaurants too.

I disagree on the prices. Thyme is only slightly pricier (if that) than Piatto Grill, Okinawa, Hirame Sushi, and Gaudios. Its the same price point as the former Heights Bistro and its cheaper than Peter Pratts Inn--all of which are in Yorktown Heights. I think it'll continue to do very well.