Monday, August 16, 2010

Mt. Kisco's Newest Eatery

There's a new "New American" restaurant on Mt. Kisco's Main Street. The Village Social Kitchen opened recently, and so far is generating positive buzz. Lohud's Small Bites blog visited the place (and took lots of pictures) and reports that the chef, Scott Forzaglia, previously worked with Daniel Boulud and Cornelius Gallagher. The menu has a large range of items, with everything from burgers to Ahi Tuna, as well as a variety of wood-fired pizza. The early reports on Chowhound are good, too. We stopped in over the weekend, and while the wait for a table was too long for us (for the kid, that is), we liked the rustic/industrial look of the space. We'll certainly try again soon.


Anonymous said...

Food is the worst! I ordered the ahi tuna and it was dark red, not bright pick. Made me sick after I went home that night. Also my girlfriend ordered penne bolonese. The pasta was undercooked, very chewy. We asked they recook it, they cam back in less than a minute, and was the exact same chewy consistency.

Anonymous said...

Ahi Tuna is SUPPOSED to be served dark red!! It should be seared on the outside and raw in the center. If it is bright pink it is totally overcooked--like a steak that doesn't bleed. As for the pasta, that should be al dente, a bit chewy. From your comments, this place sounds quite good!