Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mt. Kisco Manor

Year Built: 1909
Square Feet: 5,199
Bedrooms: 5
Property: 1.6 acres
Location: Mt. Kisco, in the Captain Merritt's Hill section, a short walk to main street and the station.
Best Features: If you like grand houses with oodles of original details and moldings, then you might like this property. The house is full of well-proportioned rooms with wonderful features. The property is lovely too, and features a nice looking pool and a carriage house. The only problem with the outdoors is that...
Downside: The property is adjacent to the Saw Mill Parkway (which is busy and noisy). Inside, some of the wallpaper should really go and the kitchen cabinets are too standard for my taste.
Taxes: $25,850
Asking Price: $1,649,000
Agency: Vincent & Whittemore
Maps: Google Map, bing Map

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Anonymous said...

This is perfect!! Lots of woodwork but still light and airy. I might even be able to forget about the highway in the backyard.