Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Coolest Split-Level Ever!

Year Built: 1968
Square Feet: 3,400
Bedrooms: 5
Property: 2 acres
Location: Katonah, a short ride from the village
Best features: This nifty house has big, bright spaces with great lines and cool details. Love the beams, clerestory windows, and skylights! The kitchen looks fabulous. There's a big deck, nice pool, and even a pool house.
Downside: As cool as it is, it is still a split-level (or "bi-level split," according to While the area is lovely, this particular stretch of the road is pretty developed and feels a bit (dare I say it?) "suburban."
Taxes: $20,270
Asking Price: $825,000
Agency: Coldwell Banker
Maps: Google Map, bing Map


Anonymous said...

This looks really nice and I love the poolhouse. But what makes this road more suburban than others??

Anonymous said...

8:47--Looking at the birdseye view this looks a lot more "suburban" than most of the area. Its surrounded by ranches, splits, and McMansions with manicured lawns.