Thursday, June 17, 2010

Relisted with Lower Asking Price—and Taxes

When I featured this cool contempo in Croton on April 9, 2009 it had an asking price of $999,000, which I thought wasn't that bad. But it also had a totally staggering annual tax bill of $41,544. After being taken off the market, the listing is back—and it seems that the owners successfully grieved their taxes. The asking has been cut to a reasonable $899,900. More important, the taxes are now $31,716—which is still high, but not totally crazy for a 5,000 square foot house on 3.5 acres with river views. The house still needs some updating, but it has some great spaces and nice views. Houlihan Lawrence, Google Map, bing Map

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Anonymous said...

31,000 in taxes is lower than 41,000 but it is still crazy high! I do like the staircase and the livingroom though. And the location is great too.