Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New England Zen

Year Built: 1900
Square Feet: 2,185
Bedrooms: 3
Property: 0.48 of an acre
Location: Bedford, on a dead-end lane close to the Village Green.
Best features: Can you say "charm"? This farmhouse has been beautifully updated to maintain its classic appeal while adding some contemporary splash. The big main room is bright and inviting, and there are loads of large windows and vaulted ceilings throughout. The small property is nicely landscaped, and the barn is picture perfect.
Downside: Both the house and the property are on the small side. The house is pretty close to busy Route 22/172.
Taxes: $7,600 $9,600
Asking Price: $879,000


Anonymous said...

I'd never thought I'd say this but $7,600 is cheap for taxes ;)

Northern Westchester Home said...

Yes, so cheap that I rechecked the listings and saw that I had made an error. The taxes are actually $9,600. Still on the low side, but not so cheap. My apologies!