Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Art of the Commute

Everyone who commutes on the Metro North Hudson Line knows that the ride is something special. Chugging along the river is always beautiful—and always a bit different, depending on the weather. (There's nothing like ice floes in the morning!) I'm often inspired to pull out the phone and take a few pics. Unfortunately, my skills never do the scene justice. Fortunately, a professional photographer has taken up the challenge. Cortlandt resident George Kimmerling's blog, Hudson Line Rider, features his mesmerizing images (taken with a Blackberry) of the commute. The artist states that the blog "uses image and text to explore the landscape and social space of the Metro North Hudson line, on which I commute each day." The photos range from beautiful river shots to intriguing photos of the rails. It puts to shame my own attempt to document the commute.  I'm totally hooked and can't wait for more posts!
Images: George Kimmerling: Hudson Line Rider

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