Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Year Built: 1928
Square Feet: 2,520
Bedrooms: 5
Property: 0.43 an acre
Location: Ossining, on the eastern edge of the village
Best features: The home looks to have a nice blend of classic Tudor detailing and contemporary, open spaces. The mud room is great. (Kudos to the agent for the floorplan walk-through, which really lets you get a sense of the house.)
Downside: Judging from the photos, some of the renovation work appears a bit uninspired and the upstairs bathrooms are crying out for an update.  The street may be too suburban (although classic and vintage) for some.
Taxes: $14,747
Asking Price: $524,222 
Agency: Mark Seiden Real Estate
Maps: Google Map, bing Map


Anonymous said...

This house already has an accepted offer. It looks like the listed agent sold it to one of his own buyers, before the house was ever really on the market, because the inspection took place on the day after the house appeared on the MLS.

Northern Westchester Home said...

Thanks for the tip!