Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big and Bold in Bedford

Year Built: 2009
Square Feet: 13,000
Bedrooms: 5
Property: 20 acres
Location: Bedford, in the heart of the estate area.
Best features: If you're looking for room to roam, this place has it both inside and out. Designed by Ogawa/Depardon Architects, the house boasts gorgeous materials and an elegant minimalism. In addition to some massive public areas, there's also an interior reflecting pool and koi pond, a gym, theater, and wine cellar. And check out the shower in the master bathroom.
Downside: In the era of downsizing and restraint, a 13,000 square foot home is probably a bit of a hard sell. And, while I like the style, it will take a huge amount of interior design to tone down the coldness and make this look less like corporate headquarters and more like someone's home.
Taxes: $60,750
Asking Price: $9,500,000 
Agency: Julia B. Fee Sotheby's
Maps: Google Map, bing Map


Anonymous said...

$60,000 in taxes? No matter how rich I was I wouldn't spend that much on taxes!

A. said...

Suppose it is a matter of taste, but yes this does strike me a something that is a commercial space rather than a home.

Patrick said...

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