Thursday, February 11, 2010

Antique Fixer

Year Built: circa 1700
Square Feet: 2,700
Bedrooms: 3
Property: 2.7 acres
Location: Yorktown Heights, in the bucolic Huntersville area.
Best features: With exposed beams, paneling, built-ins, and multiple fireplaces, this farmhouse is oozing charm and character. Set on a lovely property with nice landscaping, it's pretty easy to see that this homestead could be a real stunner. 
Downside: When the listing uses the word "restore," you know that work is needed. Outside, the  house has aluminum siding (on a 1700's colonial!), and there's a 3 story barn, pool, and tennis court that all need to be returned to their "former glory." Inside, the house looks like it needs at least a fair amount of cosmetic care—like removing that wall-to-wall carpeting (in a 1700's colonial!).
Taxes: $16,143
Asking Price: $650,000
Agency: Coldwell Banker
Maps: Google Map, bing Map


Anonymous said...

would love to get my hands on this one - such potential.

Anonymous said...

This will linger for a very long time at this price.

Anonymous said...

"This will linger for a very long time at this price."

That totally depends on how much work is really needed. This price is quite cheap for Huntersville. If the house only needs painting and reflooring and maybe a little electrical work, it should find a buyer very close to the asking. Lots of people love these old houses--but the aluminum siding will have to go!