Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Old and Awesome

Year Built: 1750
Square Feet: 2,025
Bedrooms: 3
Property: 4.4 acres
Location: Bedford, close to the village center and right near the park
Best features: This lovely old colonial has been nicely restored in a way that respects the home's integrity without overdoing the charm too much. Original beams, floorboards, and fireplaces give the house a warm soul, while the updated bathrooms are tasteful and appropriate.
Downside: The house is really close to the road. The kitchen is, in my opinion, off-key and far too standard for the house.
Taxes: $15,171
Asking price: $879,000
Agency: Ginnel Real Estate
Maps: Google Map, bing Map


Anonymous said...

That does look like a beauty, really well restored, but I agree that the kitchen seems wrong.

Anonymous said...

I love the big white fireplace in the hallway. That is great! The land looks nice too.

Anonymous said...

I love the plank floors and how well they've kept with the history of the house.

Patrick said...

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