Monday, December 7, 2009

Marketing and Improving Peekskill

Two recent articles point to different ways that Peekskill is trying to improve it's appeal to would-be residents. Sunday's New York Times had a piece on how the city is relaxing it's requirements for eligibility for its artists’ housing. Peekskill's downtown historic district has 49 subsidized live-work rentals over storefronts, as well as 28 co-op lofts. According to the article, the units draw artists from around the region, but tenants have become "scarce" in the current market. The city hopes that relaxing it's definition of "artist" will increase the number of eligible applicants. Another draw could be an improved connection between the downtown artists' district and the city's waterfront. The North County News reported that the city’s planning department recently unveiled a plan to make Central Avenue into a more vibrant and appealing corridor. The city is now creating a more comprehensive plan for the area, which will include code and design guidelines as well as incentives to lure developers into the area.


A. said...

We've only lived in Peekskill for about a year, but we definitely feel like we seen positive results from other efforts that the city has made.

Joe said...

Don't come to Peekskill. The Foster Administration has destroyed many already approved plans for the waterfront and downtown. They are only interested in section 8 and low income. Many are moving out. Even the artists are leaving which is why they need to change the definition so they can sell the artist housing to their low income friends. BEWARE!