Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Style and Substance

This 1920's stucco home, perched over the Hudson just north of Croton, has been given a shot of high style that nicely compliments the original architecture. The sleek kitchen and bathrooms and updated mantel in the master add a kick to the gracious rooms in this 3,800 square foot, 4 bedroom house. The 2 acre property features nice patios and landscaping. On the con side, the house is also perched over busy Route 9 and the train tracks, and is on Route 9A. There's also the $24,211 tax bill. But it's definitely a unique house with some great features in a special spot. (For whatever reason, neither mapping service can get the exact location: it's the fifth house south of Warren Road.) $1,458,000
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Anonymous said...

That kitchen is totally awful and inappropriate for the house. I love the exterior and the views, however.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. The kitchen looks great in the space. I like modern kitchens and bathrooms in old houses. Nothing is worse than those fake old fashioned ones!