Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Grand House

Anyone looking for gracious spaces and original details should love this 1826 manor house. With 6,500 square feet, the 5 bedroom manse is brimming with marble mantels, ornate moldings, and fine detailing in the parquet floors. While the wallpaper is not for me, it is hard not to be smitten with the proportions and old-world grandeur in this fine house. (Personal fave: The kitchen.) There's a lovely wrap-around porch, a stunning screened porch, and the 1.8 acre property features some nice landscaping. Located on the outskirts of Ossining village, the house appears to be somewhat surrounded by smaller houses (probably built on land that once belonged to the estate). The $35,700 tax bill is hefty but not too surprising given the size of the house. $2,150,000
Coldwell Banker, Google Map, bing Map

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