Monday, June 8, 2009

Get Out!

Summer is around the corner and the weather is perfect. To celebrate, I'm recycling my 5 favorite Hot Spot posts on a few of the fabulous places in the area to enjoy the great outdoors. Truth is, I was too busy being out and about all weekend to write a new post—but more to come soon! (Click on the titles to visit the original posts.)

1 Croton Dam My personal favorite. The walk across the bridge and over the dam is stunning.

2 North County Trailway The linear park runs from Elmsford to Putnam County and is perfect for biking, scooting, and walking.

3 Muscoot Farm: A working farm with loads of animals—and miles of gorgeous hiking trails.

4 Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve Woods, rocks, and a nice hike uphill to a gorgeous view.

5 Blue Mountain Reservation: 1,500 acres of trails, some with great views of the Hudson.

Image #3: Muscoot Farm by seekay

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Anonymous said...

The trails at Muscoot are my favorites! Feels like you're in deep Vermont.