Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuscan Fantasy

I admit that if this Mediterranean confection had been built in the last 20 years I would find it appalling. However, since it was built in 1930 by industrialist William R. Timken, I find it rather enthralling. Dubbed "La Quercia," the 5,000 square foot villa has grand spaces indoors and out, and more arches than the Cloisters. The 4 bedroom house has been completely updated—sadly, the "Tuscan" kitchen does indeed cross the line for me into the appalling realm. Located on the edge of Croton, the 3.8 acre property features a large pool and lovely gardens. For what the listing offers, the taxes are surprisingly reasonable at $22,773—and the price does not seem at all crazy. $1,749,000
Sotheby's International Realty, Google Map, Live Search Map


Anonymous said...

Its very Beverly Hills, not sure it really works in Westchester! But it is pretty amazing. Love those curtains down to the floor--so Hollywood!

Anonymous said...

I agree--totally California. Wonderfully out of place. I bet it gets snapped up in a New York minute.