Monday, October 20, 2008

Bathroom Fantasies

1. 2.

NOTE: There was a malfunction with the poll, and I had to reload it. My apologies to those who voted earlier and whose votes were lost. There had been 8 votes, with 5 going to bathroom number 2.
Between the economy and the election, I've been feeling a tad anxious lately. Which made me think of great bathrooms for long, stress-reducing soaks. Bathroom 1 comes with an 8,000 square foot renovated barn selling for a less-than relaxing $5,995,000 (Houlihan Lawrence). Bathroom 2 can be purchased along with a 5,000 square foot 1920 colonial, and is a relative steal at $2,495,000 (Houlihan Lawrence). So, where would you rather launch your rubber duckies?

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