Monday, September 29, 2008

Market Watch

With the stock market continuing to fluctuate madly as the financial system teeters and totters, the number of homes going to contract in the towns this blog covers dropped a good deal last week. While the number is still as high as four weeks ago, the drop in signed contracts would certainly seem to indicate that the ongoing crisis is having an impact on the local market.

Contracts signed
9/1/08 to 9/5/08: 9
9/8/08 to 9/12/08: 15
9/15/08 to 9/19/08: 17
9/22/08 to 9/26/08: 9

NOTE: The above numbers are for single-family homes only. Contracts were signed on an additional 5 cooperative or condo listings last week in the towns this blog covers; 7 co-ops or condos had contracts signed the previous week.

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