Thursday, June 26, 2008

Almost Fabulous

Talk about potential. This 1915, 3,400 square foot house is crying out for a little loving. The apparent victim of some off-key renovations, the 4 bedroom house has many gorgeous rooms (love the master!) and it's easy to see what a beaut this could be with some work. The exterior and 3 acre property don't require any imagination--they're good to go. Located near Croton village on Finney Farm Road (just down the street from a recent Hot Property), this one has lots to like. One thing you won't care for, however, is the $24,328 tax bill, which seems high for the price range. $925,000.
Houlihan Lawrence, Google Map, Live Search Map

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FacingTruth said...

It's still for sale, knocked down to $699k. The taxes are the same, though.